Helping You Getting Prequalified for a Home Loan

About Financing

One of the first steps to buying a new home is a trip to the bank. The mortgage officer will tell you several very important things.

  • That you quailfy to buy a house.
  • How much you can spend on your new home.
  • What your payments will be.
  • How much, if any, down payment you will need.

By using a local lender you will have the best service possible. Our local lenders know all of the current loan programs and will be happy to help you find the loan that fits you and your need the very best.

Safety Tips

  • Stay alert and tuned in to your surroundings, wherever you are.
  • Don't be taken by surprise. Be aware and be prepared.
  • Stand tall and walk confidently. Don't show fear. Don't look like a victim.
  • Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable in a place or situation, leave right away and get help if necessary.
  • Clearly display your house number,so police and other emergency vehicles can find your home quickly.
  • Make sure all doors to the outside have good, sturdy locks.
  • Use the locks you have. Always lock up your home when you go out, even if it's only for a few minutes.
  • Make sure all porches and other possible entrances are well-lit.
  • How to call 911 in emergencies.
  • Their full name, address, and phone number.
  • To walk and play with friends, not alone.
  • To tell a trusted adult immediately if anyone, no matter whom, touches them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Home Financing Center


Getting prequalified for a home loan is an essential first step in the buying process. Find out exactly how much home you can afford based on your income, debt, and other factors. It can also help you lock in a good interest rate and it puts you in a stronger bargaining position with the seller once you find the home you want. Below is a list of lenders in our area. Please contact one to find out how much you can spend on your new home. Then give us a call.



As a new home buyer you will need to provide your lender with the name of the insurance agent that will write your home owners policy. Often the agent providing your auto insurance will give you a discount. Shop around and have the information ready for your lender.